STROYCITY LTD – the largest player in the market of development, construction and real estate around the world.

What does STROYCITY LTD offer to customers?

In 2019, the company's management concluded that it was time to expand the business impact of the investment platform as much as possible. In this regard, it was decided to provide opportunities for passive online earnings for investors from around the world. For this purpose, an online investment platform was created that can provide high income for investors on the Internet, implementing the management of private investments with a convenient interface and consistently high-quality service.

Does the company use its own funds in the investment process?

Yes. About 40% of working capital is provided by one of our highly specialized funds.

How long has STROYCITY LTD been operating?

The final formation of the company's modern business was completed at the end of 2015.

When was STROYCITY LTD registered?

STROYCITY LTD was incorporated in 2020, in London, United Kingdom. You can see the relevant documents on the main page of the site.

Do I have to report my income to the IRS?

We cannot impose or otherwise put pressure on investors. Each client of the company makes his own decision on payment of taxes.

Can I sign an investment contract with the company?

That's possible. In each case, the question of the conclusion of the contract will be decided individually.

Is the company's activity legal?

Absolutely. We fully comply with all requirements imposed by the legislation of the United Kingdom in terms of compliance with commercial transactions and payment of taxes.

Is it possible to visit your head office?

As it has been repeatedly noted, the office of the company is designed directly to perform tasks related to our business. At the moment, we do not have a staff that can work directly with customers.

Can STROYCITY LTD be classified as a HYIP?

Only in terms of the amount of profit received by our customers, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable for our entire team.

Is STROYCITY LTD a pyramid scheme?

No. Because we perform real activities and fully meet the criteria of the business entity.

Can my investments be insured?

The company does not provide direct insurance services as we are not an insurance company. However, STROYCITY LTD has a large insurance Fund in case of unforeseen situations. In such cases, the money from this insurance Fund will be able to stabilize and neutralize the negative consequences, providing the necessary investment comfort for our clients.

Can I call the company?

Yes. To contact us, just use the phone number listed in the "Contacts".

In what language is customer support provided?

It offers multilingual customer support, the current list of supported languages you can view on the CONTACTS page.

What are the working hours of customer support?

 Customer support works in online chat 24 hours 7 days a week.

I made a call to customer support but didn't get a consultation. What am I doing wrong?

Chances are You called either after hours or the line was overloaded. Just try calling again, please.

How is the process of processing customer support requests performed?

We accept the request, check and consider, passing to the appropriate Department. Further, the client receives a response no later than 48 hours from the date of processing the request.

What personal data should be provided to the company?

The main personal information we need is your email address, payment details and username.

Is my personal information safe?

Absolutely. The company under no circumstances discloses personal data of clients to third parties and stores all personal data of clients in complete confidentiality.

What additional information may the company collect about the user?

Our system may automatically detect and collect the following additional user information:

The user's IP address, the browser used by the user, the type of operating system and cookies.

How will my personal data be used by the company?

 All personal information provided by the user may be used by the company solely for the performance of obligations and investment activities.

How to create an investment in a company?

1) Register a personal account. 2) Top up your balance. 3) Buy an interesting investment lot.

In what currencies is the investment made?

You can invest using many different payment systems. Currently, the following payment systems are available: Payeer, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, VISA / MC, Qiwi, Ethereum.

What if I do not have funds on payment systems available to invest in the company?

We have provided the widest possible opportunities to use the most popular payment systems when investing. You can use special exchange services to exchange your funds for the desired e-currency.

Is it possible to earn money in the company without investment?

Es, you can earn without having investments, using our affiliate programs.

Can I create multiple investments in the program?

Yes. The number of investments is unlimited.

The mode in which the processing of requests for disbursement of funds?

All payments are made automatically.

After I create an investment, how fast will the money be activated and my Deposit will start making me a profit?

All financial transactions are executed instantly. With the exception of investments, created using cryptocurrency. It may take some time for your investment to become active when using cryptocurrencies. This is due to the need for the system to confirm transactions.

What if the payment was not made on time?

Any delays in payments that may occur, but are not required to occur, occur only through the fault of service providers (payment systems, hosting and other third-party service providers), as well as for reasons of force majeure. The company is not responsible for such delays.

If I created an investment using BTC, in what currency will I receive charges?

You will receive charges in the currency in which you created the investment. In Your case, the BTC.


At the moment, the minimum deposit amount is $ 10.00.


All accruals are made on business days (Monday - Friday). The term of each deposit is indicated in business days.


The minimum amount is 0.25 $, 0.0002 BTC, 0.02 ETH or 50 rub. 

How many accounts can I create in the program?

 Any user can create only one active account in our program.

Can I use the company's investment offers without creating an account?

 This is not possible because the system requires an error-free and unique identification of each client.

How can I opt out of notifications I receive from the company?

 By creating an account in our program, You agree to receive letters, notifications and other important information from our company. This is necessary for the complete safety and effectiveness of the process of mutual cooperation.

Can I create multiple accounts using one computer? For example, for members of my family.

 No. Using one ip-address or one computer, you can create only one active account in our program.

Can I make changes to my own payment details?

 Yes. You can do this if necessary.

What registration data can I change after creating an account?

 You can change your email address.

What you need to know when creating an account in the program?

 The main requirements for the user who intends to create an account in our investment program:

The age of the user must not be less than 18 years.

Do I need to use any special link when creating an account?

 No. Just use any link to our official website. It can be both direct and affiliate, the so-called referral link.

Can I change the email address I used to register?

Yes. Do this in your personal account.

Can I withdraw funds to a different payment system than the one I used to create the investment?

No. We do not provide currency exchange services.

Is it possible to exchange currencies on the company's website?

No. We do not provide currency exchange services.

What should I pay for when investing?

The company does not provide any fees or hidden charges.

When investing, most of the payment systems used charge a Commission for transactions. Who pays for those commissions?

If the initiator of the transaction is an investor (only when creating a Deposit), the Commission is paid by the investor. If the initiator of the transaction is a company (payments of income, profits, affiliate fees, etc.), the Commission is paid by the company. The exception is the PAYEER(2.5% of the withdrawal amount) and Ethereum( 0.001-0.003 eth) payment system.

Are there any delays in payments or transaction processing?

It's possible. In cases of technical regulatory and non-regulatory works, as well as through the fault of third-party service providers (payment systems, hosters, providers, etc.).

Am I required to provide any documents upon expiry of the investment?

No, you don't.

Am I required to perform any additional (hidden) conditions or actions upon the expiry of the investment?

No. Just get your investment and keep working with us if you want.

What nuances should be considered when investing with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a full-fledged means of payment. Therefore, no special nuances should be taken into account. Just keep in mind that the activation of an investment created with Bitcoin may take some time.

My account balance does not have enough funds to create an investment. What am I to do?

Simply top up Your account balance to the desired amount.

How to create a personal account and get access to all the functions of the system?

Just register on our website and you will be provided with all the functions of the system automatically.

When is the site available?

We provide round-the-clock access to all system functions. Except in cases that are beyond the influence of the company.

How secure is the site?

We have created an indestructible site protection system that is able to withstand any malicious actions online. Among the measures aimed at full security of the site and users, there is the most modern ssl-data encryption, powerful DDoS protection and multi-level firewall. There are some defenses we can't mention here, because having this information can make it easier for attackers.

I see a significant increase in site traffic, increase in investment and overall statistics growth. Why is this happening?

We are evolving. What we do finds a lively response among investors from all over the world. Therefore, the increase in the main investment indicators is a normal trend for our successfully developing company.

What is the probability of losing access to the site?

It will depend only on You. If you lose your password, you will not be able to use your personal account. If you create more than one active account, you will also be denied access to your personal account. If You did not comply with the terms of investment or tried to maliciously affect the stability of the company in any way. These are three main reasons.

I followed all the rules but can't access the site. What am I doing wrong?

Change your browser and clear cookies. If You continue to have difficulty accessing the site, it means that the site is undergoing unscheduled technical work, updates or additions. Or there were difficulties on the hosting. Anyway, no need to worry. We are confident that the correct operation of the site will be restored in the near future.

What is an affiliate program?

This is a program that provides for the accrual and payment of affiliate remuneration to users whose invited partners have created investments in the investment program of the company.

Is it possible to receive remuneration for the promotion of the program as a whole?

Yes. To do this, it is necessary to make the most effective use of advertising materials provided to each user in their personal accounts. Increasing advertising efforts, you increase your affiliate potential and the amount of money earned.

For how many deposits made by my partner, I will be able to get a partner reward?

Whenever Your partner creates a new investment, you will receive a partner reward.

What are the terms of the affiliate bonus?

The Deposit must be created using Your affiliate link.

What is the procedure for payment of partner remuneration?

Payments of partner remuneration are similar to the payment of accruals on created investments.

If my partner has created an investment using, for example, Bitcoin, can I receive the partner reward in the currency of Perfect Money?

No. You will receive an affiliate reward in the same currency as your partner's Deposit. In this case – in BTC.

How does the amount of my partner remuneration depend on the amount of my own investments?

Detailed information can be found in the section " Partners".

Depends on whether the value of the partner's remuneration from that, what kind of investment plan have chosen to invest my partner?

No, it doesn't.

When exactly will I receive an affiliate reward for an investment made by my partner?

You will receive an affiliate reward as soon As your partner creates an investment.

Can I change my upline?


Can I lose my affiliate link or can it be blocked?

No. Your affiliate link is permanently assigned to you and cannot be blocked or lost in any other way.

How can I use the affiliate link?

The affiliate link is intended to identify new members of the program as personally invited investors. Because by registering a personal account on Your affiliate link, the system records any such user as your personally invited partner. Forever. That is why it is so important to be active and enterprising, providing your affiliate link to as many people as possible. Thus, you significantly increase your potential and the number of your own partner structure.

What are the restrictions on using an affiliate link?

Any investor, user, partner is strictly prohibited from using the affiliate link, mentioning the affiliate link or advertising materials of the company when using the above-mentioned spam technologies.